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Inspiring the next generation of hybrids.

Are you a designer that wants into code? Or an engineer that wants to know about design. If so, I can help you out.

With over a decade of experience in art, design and front-end development, I can help you understand your challenges, create goals and build an action plan.

Mentoring at the Code Cooperative
Mentoring at the Code Cooperative

Coaching Services#

  • Product Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Design Systems
  • UX Engineering Career Path


Here is what some of testimonials from my former mentees:

Adekunle is a very knowledgeable, patient, and understanding mentor. He always made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions and discuss topics. Switching careers into a completely different filed is a huge leap for me and Adekunle has helped build my confidence as a designer. I really appreciate his help and willingness to teach me about UX and about how the industry really operates which is something that cannot be learned in a class.
Profile of Darah Pereira

Darah Pereira

UX Designer

Adekunle has been an integral part in my UX career transition journey. He has a keen way of simplifying the most complex concepts in UX and breaking it down into comprehensible pieces. Throughout my UX study, I had Adekunle's guidance in identifying areas to improve not only my projects and designs, but my skills as a designer as well. He's a great listener and very quick to understand the root question being asked. To have such a sincere, reliable and knowledgeable mentor was definitely not something I thought I'd find at the start of my UX career. I strongly recommend Adekunle to anyone that wants to accelerate their UX learning!
Profile of Dhwani Patel

Dhwani Patel

Product Designer

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