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Mar 14, 2014

Articles I Read this Weeks - March 14, 2014

Interesting articles of the week.

Here are some interesting articles I came across this week. In this roundup I've included articles from Philip Walton, Whitney Hess and Leo Babauta.

CSS Architecture#

Philip Walton writes an article about the goals of good css architecture, common bad practices and incorporating programming techniques like Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) into CSS. Check out the full article here.

User Experience is…#

A simple interpretation of what's User Experience is from Whitney Hess. One thing I got away from this was that UX is more of a collection of the company's philosophies and principles that each individual contributes to. Having great UX is a marriage of business' wants with the user's needs. Check out the full article here.

The No. 1 Habit of Highly Creative People#

Leo Babauta writes about the top habit creative people do to make them successful. The most common habit was solitude, which allows a person time to reflect on what they’ve done, and learn from it. Most of the greatest work was done while the creator was in isolation. Check out the full article here .

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