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Dec 31, 2014

A Recap of 2014

Alot of things have changed for me since 2014.

What a year! Alot of things have changed for me since 2013. New job, new apartment and a bunch of new opportunities have knocked on my door. Let me outline what I have did this past year.

New Job, New Challenges#

In February I decided to leave my job as a Front-end Web Developer at healthcare publishing company and join the Product Design team at NASDAQ. By switching into a new role and industry, I've stepped out of comfort zone and picked up new skills like research, usability testing, data mining and wireframing. I'm also learning the importance of collaboration & communication and how being a great storyteller can help sell your ideas. Building enterprise software has it ups and downs but overall it has been a great experience!

Hustle while you work#

Other than my full-time job, I’ve been keeping busy with a lot of side activities/projects. I was again part of the team that organized SassConf, a conference for front-end developers and designers that love Sass and are passionate about building a better and beautiful web. I got to see some interesting talks and meeting people who are passionate about front-end development. I’ve also became an organizer of the local Sass meetup, GothamSass, which gives me an opportunity to give back to the NYC front-end community. And with the little time I had, I did some UX consultant work with Mansa Collabs, a company supporting startup in West Africa. I had the pleasure of working with a startup as the UX lead to help them build a MVP.

Press & Other News#

  • Featured in net Magazine October's Design Challenge.
  • Podcast interview at Revision Path

That concludes my year. In 2015, I hope to start speaking at conferences, get involved in open source projects and borden my experience in user experience. Let’s make 2015 a great year!

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