More than the average pixel pusher

My name is Adekunle Oduye (Add-eh-koon-lay Oh-due-yay) & I'm a Design Technologist born and raised in New York City.

Currently I'm building front-end tools for the data products team at Memorial Sloan Kettering. In the past, I've built products for companies like Justworks and NASDAQ. Outside of work I was a co-organizer for SassConfand GothamSass. I also speak at events about design and code.

Checkout my resume to see more about my work experiences.

Fun Facts

1st generation
of 7 Children
Born & Raised in
Brooklyn, NY
Adekunle worked for me and I found him to be a great employee. He was very knowledgeable, responsible and professional.
Kathi Homenick

Corporate Director of Marketing Services / Vendome Group



I've given many talks over the years on topics surrounding design and development. Check out myspeaking page for more details.

Speaking at CSSConf in New York City
Video\ Slides
Adekunle Oduye is a great person and creative individual... He has worked on many of my projects and always delivers... i highly recommend him to anyone who needs a professional graphic artist and more.
Carlos "Tone Capone" Acosta
Executive Vice President / CMG/Universal Motown Records

What do I do

Product Design

Often the best products are the ones that focus on the business needs & users wants. Conducting user research, discovery interviews, and usability testing gives me the ability to identify the problems, create solutions and validate them with users. Product design is a team sport, so I like to work closely with product management and engineer teams to create the best experience possible.

Front-end Development

In order to bring a great experience to a product, it's best to create functional prototypes. For that I design and develop high-fidelity prototypes using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I also have experience building front-end architecture systems that use frameworks like Sass, jQuery and handlebars.js.

Design Systems

From creating branding standards to standardizing design patterns, I take the pleasure in building guidelines for components that increase efficiency and scalability.